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  • Mar
    Foreign trade under the novel coronavirus

    新冠病毒下的外贸Foreign trade under the novel coronavirus2020年初爆发的新冠病毒,对世界而已无疑是个巨大的挑战。The novel coronavirus broke out at the beginning of 2020 is a huge challenge to the world definitely世界如同一张具有流动性的网, 为病毒的传播提供了完美的媒介。在这种困境之下,人们的生活生存问题如何解决无疑成为了共同关注的话题。The world is like a fluid web, providing a perfect medium

  • Jan
    China power battery development report of 2020

    China power battery development report of 2020

  • Dec
    What a special Thanksgiving

    Special ThanksgivingTraditional Western holiday-Thanksgiving is on the fourth Thursday in November. Although it is a Western holiday, but everyone should be have a grateful heart. Including gratitude to our loved ones, teachers, friends, etc., knowing that gratitude is the traditional virtue of the

  • Nov
    Celebrate Halloween

    Celebrate Halloween - Hunan CTS Technology Co,.ltd

  • Jun
    CTS Proudly Supports World Environment Day

    Our mission is to deliver reliable and sustainable power to the world. Our commitment to environmental responsibility is a fundamental element of the CTS Group business philosophy, and that's why we support World Environment Day every year on June 5. We understand that damaging our ecosystem is not

  • Dec
    YOGOMO Signs Strategic Partnership with CTS

    YOGOMO has chosen the CTS Company as the supplier of Ultra High Performance lithium batteries for the next new car. CTS is also available as an extended life option on the majority of car and EVCTS is a world leader in battery technology, having developed the highest output batteries for the storage





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