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Company Introduction

CTS is a professional manufacturer engaging in research, development, production, marketing and service of lithium ion pouch battery cell, battery pack and battery management system. 

LiFePO4 and NMC(Li(NiCoMn)O2) are the major material. We have more 30 types of cells, and could make OEM battery pack from 12V-200V, 10-200ah, which can be used in electric vehicle, E-bike, UPS, energy storage system, telecommunication base station, E-scooter, E-tools, unmanned airplane, golf cart, fork lift, cleaning car, electric wheelchair, etc. 
We has been pursuing quality policy of continuous innovation and improvement to meet customer's requirements. To realized full automation, we has introduced advanced foreign equipment and technology from Korea and Germany. To ensure the best quality, we has passed ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 certifications. 

Not only in local market, our products are also exported to abroad market like Euro, USA, India, Australia, Korea. 

We stick to the company concept of human orientation and efficient innovation and we welcome customization. So, lets join together to promote the development of renewable energy and friendly environment.


  • Q Do you use Lead Acid Batteries?

    NO WE DO NOT! Our reasons:
    Lead Acid Batteries do not allow as many charge & discharge cycles as advanced lithium batteries
    Lead Acid batteries degrade after 300 charge cycles in an electric car until they expire, approximately 1.5 -2 years of driving
    Not cost effective to change your battery pack every two years
    Lead Acid is HEAVY, and reduces your range, doesn't supply continuous power
  • Q How long do the batteries last?

    10 years / 200,000 KM (124,275 miles) [calculated based on 100km battery pack]
    2000 charges & discharges at 100%.
    This means approximately 10 years of normal use 200,000 KM. (124,275 miles)
    Normal use is defined as 20,000km/year. (12,500 miles/year)
  • Q Why choose us? Do the batteries have a warranty?

    A Yes, currently 3 years; extended warranties are also available.





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