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How to use electric motorcycle batteries safely?


Latest company news about How to use electric motorcycle batteries safely?


As we know ,the charging temperature of lithium battery is 0℃~45℃, and the discharging temperature of lithium battery is -20℃~60℃. Lithium batteries do not have a memory effect, can be used with charging, but it should be noted that lithium batteries can not be over-discharged, over-discharge will cause a very large loss of capacity. NMC lithium battery single safe working voltage range is 2.75 ~ 4.2V, LiFePO4 battery single safe working voltage range is 2.5 ~ 3.65V, lower or higher than this voltage range of lithium ions in the battery becomes very unstable, and even cause accidents. In order to ensure that the battery is in the safe range, so you need a special charger, do not mix lead-acid charger for its charging.


When the lithium battery is left unused for a long period of time, it needs to be charged and discharged once every six months to restore its original performance. Lithium batteries need to be checked before use to see if they meet the requirements of the load, in the case of not meeting the requirements of the load or high current (more than 1C) will cause damage to the battery or shorten the life of the battery. Lithium batteries avoid frequent use in high or low temperature environments. Preferably at room temperature, temperature will have a great influence on the characteristics of lithium battery.


How to use lithium battery safely?
The low-priced lithium batteries on the market are mostly assembled from dismantled and substandard battery cells, the safety risk is great. These substandard cells are combined with substandard BMS, which is the main reason for the safety issues of lithium batteries.


How to use the lithium battery correctly ?
1, the use of lithium battery charger matched with the battery pack.
2, do not use the lithium battery pack in illegal modification of high-power electric vehicles.
3, do not let the lithium battery long-term exposure to high temperatures (≥ 65 ℃).
4, in the electric car just after riding due to the high temperature of the battery pack, please let it cool down naturally for about half an hour before charging it.
5, Lithium battery can be used between 20% ~ 90% SOC to greatly extend the life of the lithium battery pack.
6, lithium battery in the winter temperature is lower than 15 ℃ temperature, the electric car range has a certain amount of shrinkage is a normal phenomenon. When the temperature returns to about 25 ℃, the range of the electric car back to normal.

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