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High Voltage Solar Lithium Battery 480v 100Ah 200ah

High Voltage Solar Lithium Battery 480v 100Ah 200ah

200ah Solar Lithium Battery

High Voltage 480v Solar Lithium Battery

CE Solar Battery Storage System

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Product Details
5 Years
Brand Name:
480v 100Ah
Battery Type:
Lithium Ion Battery
Nominal Capacity:
100ah 200ah 400ah
Lifepo4 Batery
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
10 unit
Packaging Details
Polywood case
Delivery Time
7-15 working days
Payment Terms
T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability
5000 untis per month
Product Description

High Voltage 480v 100Ah 200ah Solar Lithium Battery

CTS-HV series is Lithium iron phosphate battery system which designed for high voltage residential energy storage system application, suitable for 100V to 800V inverter system.

This battery system consists of battery racks and CBMS, every battery rack integrates with intelligent BMU inside. And this system has big advantages on safety, cycle life, energy density, fast charging, temperature range and environmental protection.



  1. The battery module consists of battery racks and CBMS.
  2. LFP single cell, long life, safety and wide temperature range
  3. High energy density, small size, light weight, no pollution;
  4. Use CBMS-BMU design, protect voltage, current, temperature
  5. Integrated communication interface, CAN2.0 and RS485 type
  6. Packed in 19 inches standard container, easily for installation and expansion
  7. Can match varied inverters
  8. 15 years design life, Stable performance, maintenance-free

High Voltage Solar Lithium Battery 480v 100Ah 200ah 0

Model CTS-HV200280 CTS-HV256280 CTS-HV300280 CTS-HV409280
Nominal Voltage 204.8Vdc (LFP-64S) 256Vdc (LFP-80S) 307.2Vdc (LFP-96S) 409.6Vdc (LFP-128S)
Nominal Capacity 280AH 280AH 280AH 280AH
Nominal Energy 57.34KWh 71.68KWh 86.01KWh 114.68KWh
Module Quantities 4*51.2V 280Ah 5*51.2V 280Ah 6*51.2V 280Ah 8*51.2V 280Ah
Dimension(W*D*H) 600*800*1400mm 600*800*1600mm 600*800*1800mm 1200*800*1600mm
Weight (kg) 650kg 750kg 850kg 1200kg
Working voltage range 192~230.4Vdc 240~288Vdc 288~345.6Vdc 384~460.8Vdc
Max charge voltage 230.4±2.0Vdc 288±2.0Vdc 345.6±2.0Vdc 460.8±2.0Vdc
Discharge cut off voltage 192Vdc 240Vdc 288Vdc 384Vdc
Allowed max discharge& charge current 280Adc 280Adc 280Adc 280Adc
Recommended discharge& charge current ≤140Adc ≤140Adc ≤140Adc ≤140Adc
Communication Can/RS485 Can/RS485 Can/RS485 Can/RS485
IP rating IP21 default, can be customized
Operation temperature Charge:0~50℃
Cycle life 3000 Cycles(100%DOD)
6000 Cycles(80%DOD)
Storage environment ≤1month:-20~+60℃ 5~75%RH
≥3month:-10~+45℃ 5~75%RH
Recommend environment:15~35℃ 5~75%RH


High Voltage Solar Lithium Battery 480v 100Ah 200ah 1

It can be connected in series or in parallel with a maximum of 15 in series, which is equivalent to 768V 280AH,

and 20 in parallel to form 768V 5600AH to meet various needs.

High Voltage Solar Lithium Battery 480v 100Ah 200ah 2

Plastic holder:

We use epoxy resin plates to isolate each battery for better insulation, so there is no danger when the operator installs the battery.

Top extension:

There is a battery fixing bracket on the top of the bracket. In case of vibration and violent drop, it can better protect the battery. Achieve the physical structure safety of the battery

BMS with cover:

Each unit contains a separate BMS, which is protected by a metal shell to prevent vibration damage Orderly cable arrangement

Orderly cable arrangement can reduce poor connector contact, short circuit and open circuit between wires.

Laser welding Screws:

Use laser welding to further strengthen the connection and completely eliminate the risk of screws falling. The contact surface between the screw and the bus bar is reduced to improve the current capability. It can also reduce internal resistance and reduce power consumption.

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