Application of Liquid Cooling system in Power Battery System

May 10, 2023



With the requirement of IP67 for passenger cars becoming a necessity, liquid cooling systems have been widely used in power batteries.


Definition of liquid cooled plate: In a power battery system, excess heat is generated by the operation of the battery. The heat is transferred through the contact between the battery or module and the surface of the plate type aluminum device, and ultimately carried away by the cooling liquid passing through the internal flow channel of the device. 

General requirements for liquid cooling plates


High heat dissipation power, able to timely export excess heat generated during the operation of the power battery, avoiding excessive temperature rise;


High reliability, working in road vehicle environments, vibration, impact, high and low temperature alternating environments, is a relatively harsh working condition for most products. However, the voltage of power batteries is often several hundred volts, and coolant leakage is a serious problem. Even if you use a coolant with good insulation performance, the insulation performance will immediately decrease when encountering external impurities. Therefore, the reliability of cooling plate sealing is very important;


The precise heat dissipation design avoids excessive temperature difference within the system, which is due to the performance requirements of lithium batteries themselves. The performance and aging of batteries are closely related to the working temperature;


The strict requirements for the weight of the cooling plate, which comes from the pursuit of energy density in the power battery system. Cooling systems that seriously lower the energy density of the system are simply unacceptable to both customers and designers.



What kind of liquid cooling plate  CTS use ?  please check below pictures , we normally put the cooling plate in the botton of the battery pack , it can adjust the battery temperature to maintain it within the temperature range suitable for battery operation; Reduce the difference between the highest and lowest temperatures inside the battery pack. except cooling system , we also can Integrated battery heating system  . if you want know more about the Battery thermal management system , feel free to contact us , thank you !

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