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YOGOMO Signs Strategic Partnership with CTS

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YOGOMO has chosen the CTS Company as the supplier of Ultra High Performance lithium batteries for the next new car. CTS is also available as an extended life option on the majority of car and EV

CTS is a world leader in battery technology, having developed the highest output batteries for the storage energy. The current market is driving the industry to manufacture batteries that provide higher capacity, longer life, and greater reliability while reducing maintenance costs. CTS's batteries undergo rigorous testing to ensure a consistent product that is guaranteed to perform.

CTS has received worldwide approval to supply batteries to YOGOMO 

Equipment platforms. Focusing primarily with Battery Research and development, CTS underwent YOGOMO’s very comprehensive world-class audit and testing process in competition with other well-known brands to gain approval.

“We are pleased that effective today CTS is available as a replacement battery through the made-in-china dealer network across. CTS is also the primary supplier of batteries on the car, and can be ordered as a factory option upgrade on most other models, providing customers the most powerful performance today,” says Barry, manager, CTS Group.





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