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High Voltage Batteries for EV

If you have requirements on voltage,capacity, size, weight, kindly contact me.


Product Description

CTS High Voltage EV Battery Series

CTS is a professional manufacturer engaging in research,development,production,marketing and service of lithium ion pouch battery cell, battery pack and battery management system.
LiFePo4 and NMC(Li(NiCoMn)O2) are the major material. We have more 30 types of cells, and could make OEM battery pack from 12v-200v, 10-200ah, which can be used in electric vehicle, E-bike, UPS, energy storage system, telecommunication base station, E-scooter, E-tools,unmanned airplane, golf cart, fork lift, cleaning car , electric wheelchair, etc.

Product Parameters

325.6V 110AH


Battery Specification of 100.8v 200Ah battery for golf cart 
Battery Type 
Pouch NMC cell

Array Mode

Nominal Capacity 
200Ah at 23±2℃
Standard charge and discharge
Nominal Voltage 

20.16kWh at 23±2℃

Charging Voltage  

Discharge End Voltage

Standard Charging Method
CC and CCV is 0.3C
Tempeature23±2℃,charge end with 3.5h or current drops to 0.02C
Max.Charge Current
Standard Discharging Method
Constant Current Discharge with 1C
Max.Discharge Current
Discharge Time: Less than 10 s(at23±2℃)
Cycle life
0.5C/0.3C, Retention ≥70% of initial capacity
Operating Temperature 
Charging Operating
Discharging Operating
Customized according to customer's requirements except cooling system
Basic functions:
1.Monitoring of battery working state
2.Battery charge and discharge management
3.Cell balance

Main Features of ev li-ion battery pack

1.Outlook: Simple and smooth surface, can be easily cleaned.
2.Light-weight: Light weight design, packed by aluminum plate and plastic components.
3.Module design: Reasonable capacity(3.6v 80ah), can be assembled to different voltage.
4.Structure: Stable hollow structure, protecting the lithium pouch cell well.
5.Insulation: Perfect electrical insulation, both inside and outside.
6.Performance: Good heat conductivity, safety performance.

Cells Features

NMC pouch cell-3.6v-20ah

New lithium ion battery cells, widely used for EV, high energy density, light weight, , small volume, high discharge current(3c), fast charge(1c), wide working environment(-20 to 60 degree).

Assembly Features 1

Aluminum Shell

Light weight, good for heat conductive, novel flute design for long term usage, easy to assembly.

Assembly Features 2

Plastic Bracket

Cell is built on stilts by plastic bracket to protect battery cells from damage. Most important, the design ensure interior insulation of cells.

Assembly Features 3

Silicon Sheet

Each cell have silicon sheet to get heat out and radiate by aluminum shell.

Assembly Features 4

Screw Hole

Those screw holes are noted with" +" & "--" , very easy to assembly. Those copper sheet could bear big current and easy to add signal wires. Those battery modules could be in series to 400v.

Product Application

More EV packs available, kindly share me about your requirements


Have you found the battery you prefer? Kindly contact us for more battery specification.

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