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Foreign trade under the novel coronavirus

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Foreign trade under the novel coronavirus


The novel coronavirus broke out at the beginning of 2020 is a huge challenge to the world definitely

世界如同一张具有流动性的网, 为病毒的传播提供了完美的媒介。在这种困境之下,人们的生活生存问题如何解决无疑成为了共同关注的话题。

The world is like a fluid web, providing a perfect medium for the spread of the virus. Under this predicament, how to solve the problems of people's living has undoubtedly become a topic of common concern.

一、疫情下如何防疫:How to prevent epidemics

1. 避免去人群密集处 Avoid going to crowded places

2. 去一般公共场所佩戴医用外科口罩 Wear medical surgical masks in general public places

3. 勤洗手  Wash your hands frequently

4. 避免接触野生动物 Avoid contact with wild animals

5. 注意个人卫生 Pay attention to personal hygiene

6. 警惕异常症状,及时就诊 If symptoms appear, go to see doctor timely

二、疫情下携赢人如何处理  How to prevent epidemics as CTS member

1. 疫情期间,禁止外来人员进出公司  Forbid outside workers visit our company

2. 上班必须戴口罩,减少面对面会议,提倡视频会议  Wear face mask during on the duty. Suggest hold meetings by video calls.

3. 使用过的口罩统一处理,禁止随意丢弃  Used masks are handled uniformly, and are not allowed to be discarded randomly.

%1. 每天按时消毒,拖地,擦拭办公用具  Disinfect, mop, and wipe office equipment on time every day

5.保持室内通风  Ventilate the room

三、疫情下的外贸出口现状  Status of Foreign Trade Exports in the Epidemic

1. 价格:由于复工的首月,工厂可能有部分库存原材料,价格可以保持不变。但是疫情过后的原材料短缺以及工人成本问题会导致产品价格出现短期上涨趋势。

Price: Due to the first month of resumption, the factory may have some raw materials in stock, and the price can remain unchanged. However, the shortage of raw materials and the cost of workers after the epidemic will lead to a short-term upward trend in product prices.

2. 交期:尽管很多企业已经开始复工,但不排除部分企业仍然处于休憩状态,原材料能否及时采购到位,工人能否及时到位,运输能否通行等都对交期交互影响。

Delivery: Although many companies have resumed work, it is not ruled out that some enterprises are still in a state of rest, whether raw materials can be purchased in time, whether workers are in place in time, and whether transportation can pass through all have an interactive impact on delivery.

3. 客户收货是否安全:据世卫组织报道,从有疫情的国家出口的的货物是安全的,采购商完全可以放心采购,病毒不会在包装商停留过长时间。

Whether the customer's delivery is safe: According to the WHO report, the goods exported from the affected countries are safe. Buyers can rest assured that the virus will not stay in the packager for too long.





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