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China power battery development report of 2020

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China power battery development report of 2020

Power battery is the "heart" of new energy electric vehicles, accounting for 30% -40% of the total vehicle cost, and directly affects the endurance and safety of electric vehicles. Driven by the new energy vehicle industry, power batteries have experienced explosive growth in the past ten years. From 2009 to 2018, domestic installed capacity increased from 0.03GWh to 57GWh, an increase of more than a thousand times.

1. Rapid growth of power battery industry, the rise of Chinese battery enterprises.

1.1 More than 1000 fold increase in ten years, there is still a lot of development space in the future.

1.2 Intensified industry competition, Capacity structure is surplus.

1.3 Rise of local power battery manufacturers.

2. Policy side: Encourage enterprises to become stronger, market-based and furthering of opening-up.

2.1Competition management: from support to encourage enterprises to become stronger, expand furthering of opening-up and introduce international competition

2.2 Technical guidance: some technical indicators have achieved policy objectives, and in the future, or more rely on market selection

3. Upstream raw material

3.1 Anode material: NMC is the main material, high nickel is the tendency. NCA have big disparity with foreign.

3.2 Negative materials:  Delanium graphite is the main material, silicon carbon will be the tendency.

3.3 Electrolyte: Additive will be the core technical

4. Midstream package: Prismatic still is the mainstream, pouch type contrast will be more and more in the future

5. Downstream Pack: Vehicle manufacturers cut into the Pack field, and third-party Pack factory are marginalized

5.1 Vehicle manufacturers have entered the Pack field and become the biggest force

5.2 Enterprise layout no modularization, fast charging, low temperature modification technology

6. Challenges and Prospects

6.1 Solving mileage anxiety: all-solid-state, NMC batteries deserve attention

6.2 Improving Battery Safety: Strengthening Supervision and advance Warning

6.3 Improve battery recycling rate: establish a battery recycling system, focusing on reward and punishment mechanisms





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