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Celebrate Halloween

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Celebrate Halloween - Hunan CTS Technology Co,.ltd

Halloween is finally here!

The evil forces hidden in the heart are ready to make trouble.

It’s time for little devils in our heart to come out.

And then……

Our Hunan CTS Halloween Carnival party has began. It’s not a horrible or panic or ghost party. But it’s a mysterious gathering


Tonight, Hunan CTS oversea sales team will take you to experience the ghostly feature of the elves. Dark elves, mysterious V for Vendetta, unsophisticated and lonely faceless men, horrible Woman Ghosts, fascinating Funsbau, walking pumpkin zombies, etc. These horror characters appears one by one

Also, there have a happy and lovely pumpkin hat man.

Trick or treat. Dress up as a variety of horror and asking for candies from door to door.

Every passerby has received the Halloween wishes from the faceless man.


Funny transmit flour game

Game awards, who will win the lovely pink panther and warmly quilt?

After the party , our Hunan CTS oversea sales team enjoy the hot pots which is cooked by ourselves.

Halloween Carnival party ending happy, looking forward to the next carnival with Hunan CTS!





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