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CTS Proudly Supports World Environment Day

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Our mission is to deliver reliable and sustainable power to the world. Our commitment to environmental responsibility is a fundamental element of the CTS Group business philosophy, and that's why we support World Environment Day every year on June 5. We understand that damaging our ecosystem is not good for the future of our children or our business.

We will host an event in our offices in changsha,china, to celebrate the day with the theme 'Go Wild for Life!' to raise awareness about the impact we have on our planet's wildlife. Animals such as elephants, gorillas, sea turtles, rhinos and tigers are being slaughtered for their skins, shells and horns. The money made often fuels organized crime. Illegal hunting and trading in wildlife threatens the survival of many species, and erodes the precious biodiversity of our planet.

To lead by example, We have encouraged our suppliers and customers to embrace this day. We will of course serve our employees vegetarian food and ecological drinks. 





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